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Cant Buy *** From Any Store Or Anything

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Money has been removed from my account & I just called them with the issue & they told me the transactions are pending from Google & they can't doing anything about it until 3 days when I have no clue as to what they are talking about...They said I could stop the transactions but how can I when I don't know where they are coming from & being placed Read more

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Their the most unprofessional *** ever!! All they do is play with ppl money then when you curse them out they want to act *** like they don't know what's going on and give you a run around

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This is so unprofessional!!! You all don't know what type of responsibilities people have to take care of and to not fix something like this immediately?? Done.

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I haven't been able to withdraw any money in the last 24 hrs. Ive been using this card for over 2 years. Come on guys fix it already.

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This was my payroll card until I got hacked twice within 4 months. The first time, someone spent all my money at a walmart in a different state. They refunded my money about a week later. The second time, I went to use my card and it declined. I called to see why and they said there was a hold on my card because someone tried to use it at a hotel. That's all the info they gave me. So I transferred my money to a real bank. Also, several other... Read more

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I just called, its 8:23 pm, central time. I was told sysetems were down but they are up & running. So now i am on my way to about 4 different atms so i can pull all of my money from my card, i suggest anyone using this phony "company " card to do the same.

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Is this *** back working Read more

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Went to the store checked out had bagged food in the cart swipped my card and declined.went to the atm in the store declined how embassaring was told it would bw tomorrow before iam able to get money out iam done with money network

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Got paid today and swip my card and did cash back but when i try to use the atm it didnt work

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