Update by user Nov 24, 2017

Full refund

Update by user Nov 11, 2017

Still have not received my money back. Did receive my new card but still zero balance

Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2017

On Thursday morning my payroll went through at two in the morning at 4:04 someone used an atm in Hollywood Florida and withdrawn $598 im sure the eight dollars was for fees. And forgot to mention i live in Virginia it even shows where i made a transaction that morning under ten dollars .

I called bank still have not received any forms and no card. Still yet to be able to pay bills and buy food for my family . I worked my butt off for my money and i want it back in my account . Im getting nothing but a run around from you guys.

If this is not resolved very soon im contacting the treasures office the bbb and every place i can think of.

I have had this account forever and never had an issue like this before. Why is it so hard to understand i cant be in Florida and Virginia at the same time .

Review about: Money Network Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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you do realize that by threatening them on hear you're just screaming at a wall right? they do not own/operate this website it's a public forum for complaints.

the odds of ANYONE working for them with ANY level of ability to do anything for you is next to nothing.

why would you wait for the forms from them? tell them to email them to you. mail always is slower.

I would not have waited to contact anyone in the AG office or Treasury office whomever it is that oversees these types of things I would have found out who and contacted them RIGHT then and there.

the BBB is great but they don't have the power to do anything for you except get the word out to the companies in question. I've used them before and found them utterly useless but others I know have gone to them and had great experiences so it's hit or miss I guess.

hopefully it gets resolved for you soon.

to notgivingit #1398407

Well I guess it worked I got full refund and yes they do see this I even had a reply from them about it.

to Douglasguilliams #1398410

But thank you I did ask for email I faxed information I mailed and emailed. We did everything


I’ve had the same issue, what’s BBB so I can call! This happened to me October 16th, and I’ve still had no update!

to Brittany #1394336

*** have you called the company.

to Anonymous #1394338

I've been calling every other day we finally received dispute form but still nothing. Thinking we all need to sue if it's not fixed soon. Sounds like they are selling our information

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