My employer *** up on my direct deposit so to try to cover her tracks she lied to me stating that i HAD to have the money network card and ever since i have been stuck with it unable to get rid of the piece of *** that is the Money Network Card. Money network is awful and shouldnt be used because it is by far the WORST card you could ever have, its impossible to get rid of, and there is NOBODY that can remove the card from being active, you WILL have to pay maintenance fees on it for the rest of your life.

If you have to choose between being employed and having this card, choose unemployment. You will save more time, money, and have avoid an exorbitant amount of stress by avoiding this card at ALL costs.

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My sons tax check was deposited in my account they waited till I spent 1500 of it and turned around and rejected his check cause he was not on my account they waited till I spent money sounds like illegal *** going on to me they should have stoped it before it hit my account

to Jennifer1980 #1445518

The same thing happen to me it was my check my tax check got sent to my fiancé card they waited til we spent it put my last 1500 on hold then say he owe them 1500 and they going to take his work checks

to Jennifer1980 #1445519

Did u stop your direct deposit and how did u do it


how do i cancel my card? HELP!!!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #884325

Horrible , horrible customer service! They are , however, exceptional at *** you off!

They would not give me my money to me after my account was frozen due to inactivity, even after repeated attempts to unfreeze the account! E-mails, faxes, and telephone calls are not enough for this "company", they are, in my humble opinion, are scammers! Beware! If your company has payroll through Money Network then get it directly deposited!

And do not let your account get frozen because you will never see that money again! If you do not, it will be the most aggravating experience of your life!

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