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I cant even talk to customer service without activating my card.BUT in order to activate the card you have to type in the card number but it keeps saying its invalid when i typed in the EXACT NUMBERS ON THE CARD and still declines that the card exists.

However, it finally accepts the card but declines that my SSN does not match the card. Are you kidding me??? Ive called everyone i could to help and no one has helped me at all.

I need to activate this card so i can get paid at my job that i just got hired at but i cant even activate this *** thing.Get your *** together.

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This *** company sucks *** ***


I can't even create a account to even see how much money i have on my card!!!I type in the exact numbers on the card, and the exspired date and sumit, it said everything is incorrect.

All i want to do is create a god *** account to see how much money i have still on my card!!!-_-


This company is *** everytime i call to activate my card they say u have to call my employer and everytime i call them they say to call the card company!!! Its been about a month now and i still haven't gotten either my money or my card active!!! I JUST EANT MY *** MONEY!!!!!!


This is *** i was post to active it tonight and get my money and the mother *** wont let me active it

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1223433

Me too.I'm pissed.

I should have just got a check.

But they require a card.I'm pissed

Los Angeles, California, United States #1209165

Im having the same problem right now and I get paid in 2 days.

West Blocton, Alabama, United States #1193393

This card SUCKS! I will never use you guys again!

to Anonymous Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #1243908

Yo I'm like 3 mins from you haha. I live in Vance.

Oakland, California, United States #1183172

I'm having the same problem and the automated service keeps saying they're having technical issues and I get transferred to customer service just to be told they can't help me and to wait until a later time.I need my money NOW I payed to have it rushed to me and for what reason?

I can't even activate it!Worst service ever!!!


I'm having this same problem.When I try to use my card to buy things online I am constantly told my card number is invalid or the card gets declined despite the fact that there is money in the account.

Customer service is TOTALLY WORTHLESS.

They don't speak good English, they don't try to trouble shoot anything and they keep insisting that there is nothing wrong with my card even though there is EVERYTHING wrong with it...Worst card ever.

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