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Card was used on December 4 on my Amazon account and I was not alerted activity was on going on in my account from the app, but my Amazon... I was out grocery shopping during the times some of the 8-9 transaction we're being order.

1st call I was told have to wait until Items posted in order to dispute. on the December 5 items started posting as paid. Mind you I called on the December 4 to immediately stop transaction be for this got out of hand. This is the second time I have had my card in my possession and money has been stolen....

Also at this point late fees have hit on my rent that I can't pay due to fraud that I reported ASAP. I asked could Dispute form faxed was refused numerous times, only asked cause this is the quickest way to get my money back. Waited almost 2weeks for a dispute form when I was told I can just faxed in a few lines in on paper... Finally got dispute for only to be told 7 days later after I faxed that I was denied because 1.

I had card in my possession (which I already told them duh also told them I couldn't afford for them to take 7-10s to reissue a card *** it took *** and high water to get an dispute form. My most recent call was December 18 mind you I called about this since Dec 4th.... Still getting eviction notices. No I am told I was denied credit be cause I refuse to get an new card...

What the ***... That's the main reason I called you is because card isn't lost or stolen but right in my possession where it beIongs I will continue to fight for my Money I earned it, bills are stacking up because this stupid company and it's customer service are bull ***.

It's time to pay bills again. As soon as I get my refund I am getting my paychecks transfer to my real account...

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